Our Engagement Photos

First, our plan for our engagement photos was to take a trip to New York City and have a wonderfully urban, fall photo shoot with a great friend of mine, Andrew Downing. However, my wallet soon told me that staying local would probably be more economical.

Derek and I were still in love with the idea of having a fall photo-shoot, so we set our sights to Lynd’s Fruit Farm. I’ve been going here since I was a very little kid and even did a photo-shoot for a local skincare brand a this location last year.

So it was settled. Just needed a photographer!

I combed through everyone I knew. I have so many creative, talented photographer friends that would’ve been perfect choices and was having the hardest time deciding which one to choose. I knew that I just wanted to feel beautiful and that I didn’t want cookie-cutter images. Nothing about my life, and certainly not much about my relationship with Derek, has been “conventional.” I really want our wedding to reflect that.

So I thought back to one of the coolest photo-shoots I ever did. I was dressed in a black, tulle dress and gold glitter was adhered to my neck and cheek. I pranced around a mansion in Bexley and had the greatest time ever with the photographer. I remember just feeling very “high” after that experience. I wanted to feel that after our engagement shoot.

I reached out to  The Widfarend Yarn and got a quote. We set a date. It was a Sunday morning. We would meet at Lynd’s Fruit Farm in Pataskala at 9am to have the shoot in the apple orchards and the pumpkin patch. Perfectly autumnal, I thought.


Then the morning of the shoot came and as Derek and I are running around to get ready, I get a text from our vigilant photographer.

“Just FYI, I called Lynd’s and the orchard and pumpkin patch are closed due to mud.”

Insert panic.

I was halfway through my makeup. Derek was getting dressed. Our plan was falling apart and I was losing my mind. Luckily our photographer offered an alternative.

“What about Jeffery Mansion?”

I had had the previous photo shoot with her, there. I liked the idea, but I’d have to change out of the ripped jeans and flats I was planning on…

So we scrambled. I threw on 15,983 dresses. Derek changed 892 times. We finally decided we looked decent enough and made the trek to Bexley to get the show on the road.

We arrived to a crisp, quiet fall morning and an empty park. Our first shots captured the glory of the morning sun, and I truly think God knew that if I had taken my engagement photos in a pumpkin patch, I probably would’ve ended up hating them. (Lol.)

Here’s some shots from our engagement session:

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